‘Augury’ is a smart device that can ‘listen’ to your machines and diagnose its condition and suggest predictive maintenance in real-time.

‘Augury’ listens to the sounds machine makes and is able to diagnose its condition and suggest predictive Maintenance. It’s system “listens” to the vitals of a machine and can tell if it is working properly, has a malfunction and even predict future failures.

Augury’s diagnostic technology is built around a simple principle. Every mechanical system can be characterized by the sound that it makes – machines “talk” and Augury system understands their language. It uses vibration and ultrasonic sensors, which are the gold standard in the Predictive Maintenance space, to measure these sounds.

The collected data is sent to our servers, where it is compared with previous data collected from that machine, as well as data collected from similar machines. Our platform can detect the slightest changes and warn you of developing malfunctions. This analysis is done in real-time and the results are displayed on the technician’s smartphone within seconds.

Augury also provide an online management platform accessible from any internet-connected computer that displays the status of all monitored equipment and assists in making informed, accurate and efficient maintenance decisions.


The brains of Augury’s platform is their algorithm, developers have over 40 years of combined experience in machine diagnostic and automatic diagnostic tools to develop this solution.

Team combines the hands-on experience of a Category III certified vibration analyst, an automated machine diagnostics algorithm expert, and Machine Learning / Big Data experts.

Because all of the recordings are stored on the servers, Augury algorithms get smarter and grow stronger as we receive more information. If the platform encounters a new type of malfunction, it studies the developing trend, gets smarter and then your equipment becomes smarter.

Augury’s algorithms are able to diagnose a machine’s health in mere seconds, and have a proven track record of success.


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