LEAP tech conference – Riyadh on 1-3 February 2023

LEAP is a 3-day annual tech convention held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest debut tech event as of 2022, with over 100,000 attendees. It is co-organized by Informa Tech, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and the Saudi Federation For Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones.

Global business leaders and experts are joining LEAP’s Main Stage to share their perspective, vision and hope for the tech-enabled future. Under the theme Into New Worlds, each conference day will focus on a different pillar of innovation: Spark, Collaboration, Momentum, and Future as the women and men developing the technologies shaping our lives will address pressing issues including climate emergency and sustainable development, global health crisis and its effect on our day to day lives as well as equality, inclusion, belonging and diversity. And there is so much more to look forward to.

The Investor Stage

Main Stage

Join us at the LEAP Investor Stage to explore the unconventional and empower the exceptional with some of the top investors in the world. Learn directly from industry titans like GV Ravishankar (Managing Partner, Sequoia Capital India), Tim Ringel (Investor & Advisory Board Member, Adit Ventures), William Bao Bean (General Partner, SOSV), and many more. Whether you’re leading an innovative start-up and are in search of a global audience, or you’re an early-stage investor and are looking for the next promising prospect, the Investor Stage offers a unique platform for learning, sharing, and connecting. 

Creative Economy

In 2023, LEAP is home to science and technology as much as it is to arts and entertainment. Over the past few months alone, NFTs have been on everyone’s socials if not on everyone’s mind and this year we discuss the applications and implications of Non Fungible Tokens, blockchain and digital assets for artists the creative economy. As we venture into new worlds, we also explore the ways technological advances in immersive and digital entertainment as well as innovation in fashion, architecture and design are shaping the way we live and play. Which is why we celebrate game developers and the rise of e-sports, technologists and artists.

The Creative Economy track is the place to be for marketers, artists, producers, videographers, content creators, hosts and gaming professionals or enthusiasts looking to glimpse into the new worlds.


Technological progress, and the gentle nudge of a global crisis have been catalysts for rapid transformation in learning and teaching, often revealing glaring gaps in access to education, more so in access to education technology.

The Edutech Stage addresses these pressing issues and delves into the future of learning and education with topic areas including staff support and capacity development, immersive education, digital skills and literacy for future workforce as well as safety, privacy and data protection. If you are an education professional, principal, teacher, government representative, students or technologist working in the field of education, L&D, skills development and eager to see access and equity in education, then this is the stage for you!


Join us at LEAP’s Retail Stage alongside local, regional, and global renowned retailers who will share their insights, experiences, and vision on the future of retail. Over two days, e-commerce leaders, heads of retail, retail technologists, merchandisers, supply chain officers, marketers, and retailing C-suites will dive deep into the various areas that are shaping the retail industry through series of interactive discussions, keynotes, and fire side conversations.

From last mile delivery to supply chains, omnichannel to digital, the metaverse to customer engagement, the stage will bring the brightest minds in the retailing world and navigate audiences on successfully transforming in the ever-evolving world of retail.


While it varies across different industries and functions, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or 4IR, is considered a game changer that can accelerate digital transformation, productivity, and profitability.

argely involving advances that blend the physical and the digital, 4IR is the transformative change that the world is witnessing due to advancements, interconnectivity, and automation. Join leading change managers, technologists, data and cloud specialists, innovators, and C-suite executives over 2 days at the 4IR Stage where conversations will dive deeper into tools, technologies, methodologies, and case studies on how individuals, corporations, and societies can leverage these tools to transform themselves, while keeping inclusion, sustainability, accessibility and a human-centred future in mind.

Future Energy

The world is currently navigating through its greatest ever energy challenge. What are the outstanding problems? What are the innovative solutions? Can there be a balance of fossil fuels and renewable sources of energy, or must we forge on with the green energy transition and the safest, quickest road to energy security and independence?

The Future Energy Stage will brings together scientists, policy makers,  business leaders, tech experts  and representatives of local and international institutes, to discuss  most crucial topic of global interest: sustainable energy. Decision-makers and innovators from the worlds of energy, finance, and investment will discuss and debate how to navigate volatility and uncertainty to realise an energy future that is reliable, affordable, and clean for all. The topic of this year’s theme is “Sustainable Energy”, in accordance with the Agenda 2030 and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Smart Cities

According to the World Bank, by 2050 nearly 70% of the population will be living in urban areas, doubling the amount of people currently living in cities.

LEAP Smart Cities Stage brings together technologists, city planners, government representatives and stakeholders from the private sector to discuss strategies for digital structure implementation and accelerate development of more resilient and human-centric digitally enabled cities. How are digital twins powering city governance from planning to land-use optimization? How are increasingly connected infrastructures handling cyberthreats and security? 


Join us at LEAP FinTech Stage to witness cutting-edge developments, innovative trends, and unique ideas across the whole industry. From early-stage entrepreneurs to seasoned Fintech veterans from some of the biggest names in finance, there’s something for every attendee. How much impact will RegTech and SupTech have on the financial landscape? What truly is the future of payment in light of the e-commerce evolution?

Discover how technology will determine finance hubs in the future, and understand the fine line between competition and collaboration among legacy institutions and FinTech start-ups. Also, embrace those critical all-important topics, such as cybersecurity and responsible use of innovation…talks that simply cannot be missed.


LEAP will reveal the latest trends, technological advances and digital transformation shaping the future of healthcare systems and connected patient experience. From AI assisted image analysis and digital twins to robotic surgery and extended reality for patient care, the HealthTech stage will welcome global medical experts, health practitioners, physicians and technologists to take us on a journey of discovery and demonstrate how science and technology are helping patients live longer, better lives.