Smart cane that’s connected to Internet and can help elders get help automatically in case of emergency

Smart cane has been developed which will help the elderly, inform your near and dear ones in case you fall. The walking stick, named Dring Smartcane from a French startup Nov’in debuted at the CES this year, now pushed the centuries old tool into the digital space. The cane has a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope which tracks the user’s movements.

Geared towards the elderly and people with low mobility, the cane has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to track the user’s movements.

The cane also has an alerting system which connects to a GSM network and alerts the person’s immediate caretaker about a mishap. The sensors inside the cane include a GPS, which can give the caregiver complete information about the whereabouts of the one using it.

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Since it contains GSM connectivity, it does not need to be paired to any device. Caregivers automatically receive a phone call, a text message or an email. The caregiver signals that he/she can respond to the alert. Confirmation is sent to the cane, which lets its user know that someone has been warned. The onboard battery lasts long enough to allow charging between weeks of use.

The cane also uses a built-in AI system to process the data and understand the user’s habits, movements and walking habits, including activity, tiredness and other changes, and uploads it to a secure server for further analysis.

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