KFC – Game Console with 4k, 240fps & Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element

KFC has launched a new gaming console called ‘KFConsole’. It has built this in partnership with hardware manufacturer Cooler Master.

3d sketch KFConsole

It has number of key features;

– First-of-its-kind hot-swappable GPU slot

– Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element

Intel Nuc 9

-Asus-powered graphics

-Performance of PCIe NVMe speeds that are 6× faster

Seagate NVMe and SSD

-Two Seagate® BarraCuda® 1TB SSD

-VR READY – Virtual Reality out of box

-RAY TRACING -Rays of light individually simulated creating true to life shadows and reflections 

-240FPS WITH UP TO 240HZ OUTPUT – fluid high-frame-rate gameplay at up to 240fps for ALL games, with support for 240Hz output on 4k displays

-4K-TV GAMING -4K quality on supported devices.


Chicken Chamber – Utilizing the systems natural heat and airflow system you can now focus on your gameplay and enjoy hot, crispy chicken between rounds.