-Platform that enables you to create and connect AI characters with human-like conversation

Convai is a platform that enables you to create and connect AI characters with human-like conversation capabilities in games and virtual world applications. You can make your characters an expert, perceive the environment, and execute actions based on your commands or their own motivation.

Convai provides easy-to-use APIs and plugins for developers to integrate natural conversation with non-player characters (NPCs) into their applications. Whether it’s in the gaming world, eCommerce, or XR-based learning, our avatars bring a new level of engagement and immersion to your users.

Convai is optimized for voice-based interactions, which can provide a more natural and immersive experience for users.

Convai is specifically designed for character-based conversations, which allows for a more engaging and interactive experience for users.

Convai is designed to integrate with game engines, making it easier to incorporate conversational AI into gaming and XR applications.
Exclusive feature

Convai addresses the problem of incorrect responses that can occur with GPT-3 by building in-depth knowledge expertise, which can help ensure accurate and relevant responses to user queries.

Scene perception and actions: Convai has the ability to perceive the scene and actions within it, which can help provide a more contextual and immersive experience for users.

Unity Plugin
Convai’s Unity Plugin provides you with all the tools you need to integrate conversational AI into your Unity projects. Convai offers specialized NLP-based services to build intelligent NPCs for your games and virtual worlds. Please refer to our for a full tour of our services and support for other engines.

Omniverse Extension

This guide will show you how to integrate the Convai and NVIDIA Omniverse using the Convai Extension plugin.


Integrating Convai character chatbot services in Roblox game.


Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation that allows users to program games and play games created by other users. This provides a perfect platform to develop games with intelligent AI-based NPCs with which the player can interact and experience a new way of story progression or gameplay altogether.


Integrating Convai Character with Discord Bot


In this documentation, we list out the steps needed to create your own discord bot and connect that with a Convai Character and host a server for the bot to make it accessible to the users in discord.