‘NADI X’ Tights for form correction and posture by issuing haptic vibrations


Wearable Experiments [We:eX], the Sydney­born ‘fashion future’ wearable technology innovator, announced the launch of their latest experiment.

Nadi ­ smart fitness and lifestyle tights designed to improve form and flow in your practice and
life. Using a custom developed language that allows skin to become the interface, Nadi encourages
the user to correct form and posture by issuing haptic vibrations.

With gentle pulses, feedback is given to help adjust posture and achieve fitness goals. Nadi is accompanied by an Android app, which demonstrates the areas on the body needed for adjustment. The frequency and intensity of each vibration changes based on the body position and angle, and is illustrated in poses within the app. This real time tactile technology aims to change the way we interact with ourselves.


“As someone who doesn’t always know the correct form or alignment in poses, I find having that
proper guidance is crucial,” says Billie Whitehouse, co­founder and CEO of Wearable
Experiments. “As a lifestyle product, Nadi not only acts as that guide, but also integrates into
your everyday life ­ reminding you of something as simple as uncrossing your legs while sitting
down. ”

The app, to be available on Android and Apple devices later in the year, works with the pants to
register range of user movements, aligning the postures with haptic vibrations. The app also
offers recommended poses, illustrating guidance on correct alignments and posture. Nadi
pushes the boundaries of human­to­computer interaction, while allowing it to keep the user at
the center.

“We believe technology should empower the human experience, not overtake it,” says Wearable
Experiments co­founder Ben Moir. “With Nadi, the sleek design allows technology to seamlessly
integrate with the tights, allowing the beauty and design to take center stage.

Nadi X is a line of tights that communicate on the body to correct your form. Specializing in human/computer interaction, Wearable Experiments have created a language that allows the skin to become the interface using directional haptic feedback.

Haptic vibrations are built into a full physical language, allowing the technology to communicate feedback to help correct your form and achieve your wellness goals. The frequency and intensity of each vibration changes based on the body position and angle.


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