AMPware crankcase can charge your smart phone anytime and anywhere, travel, emergencies, or daily use.

We rely on our phones so much these days. They are amazing pieces of technology but do us no good when they run out of power. While portable battery packs help extend the life of phone batteries it’s only a matter of time before they lose power. Solar chargers are great in some situations but only provide limited power and only when the conditions are favorable.

AMPware iPhone 6/6S Case - Ranger

AMPware crankcase can now charge your phone anytime and anywhere, travel, emergencies, or daily use.

The case includes a generator built in that is powered by a hand crank that flips out. To operate the generator flip out the crank on the back and pop up the rubberized grip for comfort. The crank works in either direction and power is being supplied to the case when the green LED at the bottom is lit up.

The power output is entirely dependent on the speed of rotation and is capable of outputting 1000 ma which is similar to many wall chargers. At the proper speed roughly 1.5 minutes of cranking can increase battery life by 1%. For best results rotate at a constant speed rather than intermittent bursts.

Utilizes efficient neodymium magnet alternator and low loss planetary gears to generate power with zero emissions day or night.

While designed to be a support during an emergency, when other sources of power aren’t available, the Ampware could definitely help out in many of everyday situations. It can also be a second device charger for every day.


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