CycleAT – Bluetooth tire sensor for motorcycle (& bicycle)

CycleAT – Bluetooth tire sensor for motorcycle (& bicycle), gives you REAL-TIME tire temp, pressure.

The device is designed to help riders get a safer and more efficient ride every time. It comes with 2 sensors to let you know when you are riding with improper tire pressure. It notifies you through audio and visual cues if your bike deviates outside the range of safe values.

The companion app lets you create a profile for your bike to suggest optimal tire pressure based on that information. You can even inflate your tire while the CycleAT is attached. It will have high and low installation designs to accommodate more bikes.



The CycleAT is available in two flavors, for high and low installation, allowing riders to choose what kind of pressure monitors are better suited to their ride. Made in high-grade anodized aluminium and nylon, the CycleAT project is raising money from early-bird backers to continue developing the system with an Android app, anti-theft it, and minimized design.

The phone app also allows the rider to choose which types of data gets logged, so those in search of minimalist functions will not be overburdened by data they don’t need.

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