‘Cyrano’ is a “scent speaker” that allows you to “play” whatever scent you’d like.

Cyrano is an air freshener that wants to give your videos smell-o-vision. The device holds three capsules at a time, each containing four scents, like lilac, guava, peppermint, vanilla, and more, You use its app, oNotes, to “play” the scents and can watch specially made videos.

The Cyrano is a “digital scent speaker” that produces olfactory playlists, or “smelltracks,” which users can control using a smartphone app.


Cyrano is a “scent speaker” that allows you to “play” whatever scent you’d like.

Developed by Vapor Communications. Cyrano is a small cylindrical device that is connected to an app named oNotes, where you can choose your own scent. According to Vapor Communications’ website, “[oNotes] shape your mood by direct transmission to your brain.” The user can create “Mood Medleys” to suit their own tastes. Various cartridges are used to create these scents, but a starter mood cartridge is included with all Cyrano purchases.

Vapor Communications aims to change that with Cyrano, a “scent speaker” that uses multiple, interchangeable scent capsules to make your space smell nice. By mixing up different scents, Cyrano creates different “mood medleys,” emitting scents one after another to trigger different feelings like relaxation, energy or freedom.

The cylindrical device, about the size of a squat jar of peanut butter, holds three interchangeable scent capsules at once, each containing four different scents. Some of the smells include lilac, honeysuckle, sunscreen and a bunch more. The scents were developed and created with the help of International Flavors & Fragrances.

Instead of emitting one scent for a long time, Cyrano switches between them before your brain has a chance to block out the smell.



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