DAVEK MINI – most compact Umbrella

DAVEK MINI is a smallest, most compact umbrella. This incredibly convenient umbrella fits in literally any compartment, from a handbag or clutch to your pants pocket. The stylish Mini is the perfect “just in case” umbrella, hardly noticeable when it’s not in use.

Coverage: 38 in (arc-diam); 34 in (straight-diam)
Closed length: 7″
Weight: Under 1 lb—ultra-lightweight
Open/close system: Manual
Frame: Fiberglass reinforced 6-rib frame system

Davek Umbrella - Davek Mini Umbrella

Loss Protection
Every new Davek umbrella comes with a unique “loss protection” serial number, which you can use to replace a lost umbrella at up to 50% off the regular price.


The Davek Mini is our smallest, most compact umbrella, measuring less than 7 inches when closed. Fits in any handbag, clutch or back pocket.

Extremely Lightweight & Compact
The perfect “just in case” umbrella, barely noticeable when its not in use. Fits anywhere—keep it with you always.