‘DeepStory AI’-automated script generator

This next-generation writing tool uses state-of-the-art neural networks to help creators co-write and co-create original stories with the help of our AI. This version of the software is an early Alpha, so bugs and other issues will most likely come up. If you happen to spot one, we’d appreciate your reporting the issue through our feedback channel.

To get started with your first tryout, you can choose an existing sample scene from a popular movie. Feel free to amend, delete, rewrite, or restructure the scene in any way you like. You may use the generate button at any time to ask DeepStory to write a continuation for the scene. Another option is to skip the sample scenes and start a new story from scratch through the ‘start new script’ button. Be sure to format your scene correctly as DeepStory understands structure!

The onset of the creative AI revolution has not left textual content untouched. Already, computers are translating small texts from and to any language, and automatically formulating simple replies in our emails. While writing short texts is one thing, writing complete stories is a more difficult and complex challenge.

Still, AI is making progress in the process of creating stories. At ScriptBook, we have been building AI that analyze and comprehend screenplays for decision support for several years now. By transferring key features from our decision support AI to a generative AI, we are able to take important steps towards developing a worthy artificial (co)- creator for generating stories.

Character Awareness

Characters in a story are not only defined by their names, but also by their traits and personalities. Our generator is aware of each character’s ‘DNA profile’, which is reflected in their actions and dialogue.

Style and Theme Awareness

A good story doesn’t only have characters, it also has a setting, theme and genre as well. Our generator allows specifying a preferred ‘script fingerprint’, which encompasses the story’s theme, setting and genre.

To illustrate this, watch what happens when we place our two characters in a script with identical parameters as Quentin Tarantino’s `Kill Bill: Vol. 1’. It is clear that the resulting script contains a lot more action and violence.

Script Structure Awareness

Our generator correctly incorporates typical screenplay structural elements, such as scene headers and speaking characters. For example, it will know to look to the scene’s header for context on time and location.

ScriptBook trained its #DeepStory​ AI script engine on 30 000 film scripts and told it to generate a few scenes based on the characters from #SuperBad​ #GoodWillHunting​ #LoveandBasketball​.
This is what the algorithm came up with #automatedstorygeneration​. Tableread anyone?