Apex Game Tools – delivering next-generation artificial intelligence tools for games within all genres.

Apex Game Tools develops software components for pathfinding, AI, and utility functions.

Apex Game Tools creates artificial intelligence solutions and tools for a variety of game genres. In addition to working with other research institutions and universities to enhance AI, Apex does its own research in machine learning, algorithms and cybernetics.

Apex Utility AI - Personal Edition | Visual Scripting | Unity Asset Store

Apex’s many products include Utility AI, a scoring-based framework for computer games. Utility AI provides multiple decisions, scores each potential choice and then AI performs the action. Thousands of developers and companies use Apex tools to power its games.

Apex Game Tools is the new leader in pathfinding and AI. It’s primarily developed in technology for the Unity platform using C# and associated technologies.

It’s software tools are for games developed on the Unity3d game engine