Camero-Tech’s ‘Xaver 1000’ – real-time detection of objects behind walls and building

Xaver 1000 is a AI based device that is radar capable of seeing through walls.

High-resolution images of live objects can be seen down to the level of individual body parts too even if targets are sitting, standing, or lying down.

It will provide armed forces, law enforcement agencies, intelligence units, and first responders with unmatched operating capabilities to see through the wall. The system creates an unprecedented situational awareness 3D visual picture of objects behind wall, providing a clear operational advantage.

Xaver 1000 is equipped with an AI-based live target tracking system as well as its own 3D ‘Sense-Through-The-Wall’ technology, which allows it to detect and see humans or static objects behind walls and obstructions.

The device is operated by a 10.1-inch (25.7cm) touchscreen display and can be placed against the wall.

3D visual display of live and static objects
Integrated 10.1’’ Touch-screen display
Foldable antenna wings for compact storage and transport
System can penetrate through most common walls and materials
Remote display and control capabilities via Wi-Fi link
Simultaneous detection of moving and non-moving objects
Simple user interface for intuitive interpretation
Integrated data recording and playback for post-mission analysis, training and debriefing
Proprietary and Unique algorithms and signal processing
Ready to use by a single user at the push of a button

The Xaver™ 1000 is completely radiation safe. It is designed to provide superior performance while meeting the requirements of ICNIRP-1998 radiation exposure restriction