Skarper has developed e-bike conversion kit to transform a regular bike into an high-performance e-bike.

Skarper, a United Kingdom-based startup, announced the inaugural Skarper system, an electric bike conversion kit. This kit transforms any disc brake bike into a pedal-assisted EV after a quick and easy installation. The system works by connecting to proprietary tabs that fasten it onto the chainstay of the bike, allowing it to increase the speed.

An ultralight, clip-on drive system technology, DiskDrive™ avoids the many limitations of existing eBike drive systems.

DiskDrive™ is the first fully enclosed, wire- free drive system that seamlessly integrates into your bicycle with no modification required to the frame or wheels, and without compromise on performance.

With DiskDrive™, cyclists have the freedom to create their own ultimate eBike. From make, model and style of frame to component selection, adding electric power is just a click away and not a limiting factor.

The DiskDrive replaces the rear disc rotor and can assist you for up to 60 km (~37 miles) at speeds up to 32 kph (~20 mph). You can easily detach the motor, and a switch on the gadget lets you quickly turn the pedal assistance on or off.

The kit includes a 250 W motor combined with a 202 Wh lithium-ion battery; the part is named DiskDrive. The wireless drive system can assist you at speeds up to 32 kph (~20 mph) with up to 60 km (~37 miles) range. DiskDrive is light yet powerful, weighing 3.3 kg (~7.3 lbs).

The battery will fully charge in around 2.5 hours, and a 30-minute charge will provide up to 20 km (~12 miles) of range. The DynamicClimb algorithm monitors your output and other parameters such as road incline to provide a smooth and energy-efficient ride. The button on the gadget allows you to switch the motor’s pedal assistance on and off.