Lifeflo has developed oxygen producing small pouch/device for home care and remote patients.

Lifeflo has developed oxygen producing small pouch for home care and remote patients.

FDA cleared device designed to provide oxygen at 6 Liters / Minute for 15-20 Minutes. No prescription is required and has a 3 year shelf life.  Within 60 seconds or less 99.9% oxygen is flowing.


Lifeflo™ products produce medical grade 99.9% oxygen utilizing their patent pending technology.  Each product allows to simply and affordably provide oxygen to anyone experiencing a challenging health event or medical emergency.  Help save someone’s life by providing oxygen while awaiting emergency services.



  • Designed to deliver 99% medical grade oxygen anywhere to anyone for any emergency situation
  • Provides 15-20 minutes of vital oxygen to help increase survival and reduce effects of injury
  • No prescription needed and FDA cleared for use during any emergency situation
  • The simplest and most affordable emergency oxygen system available directly to consumers
  • Use during stroke, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, near drowning, heat exhaustion

Life-Flo oxygen generation devices are FDA cleared for market and are designed to be simple to use and affordable. This device maybe a good idea to jave it in every household or public gathering place.

No special training or doctors prescription is required to use our device. Oxygen can be given to anyone anywhere experiencing an emergency event while awaiting emergency services to arrive. The national average wait time for ems services to arrive is 12-15 minutes. Why wait minutes when seconds really matter. Organ failure begins to occur within 3 minutes without oxygen. Use the Life-Flo device to deliver this critical element, oxygen, while awaiting professional services. If you have further questions about why you need emergency medical oxygen visit our website and read “why do I need emergency oxygen.

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