Honda has developed a self-balancing technology for motorbikes that keeps them upright.

Honda has developed a selfbalancing technology for motorbikes that keeps them upright.

Dropping your bike at a stop sign or during a low-speed maneuver is the fear of any new motorcyclist. It’s easy enough to keep your bike upright at speed, but sneaking through a parking lot, all that mass is dying to tumble. Honda seems to have the perfect solution, with a new concept bike that can balance itself either during a low-speed crawl or when stopped completely.

Honda Reveals the Self-Balancing, Self-Driving Motorcycle of the Future

When engaged, the system increases the fork angle, lengthening the bike’s wheelbase and, apparently, disconnecting the front forks from the handlebars. The system then uses minute steering inputs to keep the bike perfectly balanced, without the use of heavy gyroscopes or other mass-shifting devices. The concept bike Honda built to demonstrate the tech can even silently propel itself along,


Honda says the technology was developed as an offshoot of the Uni-Cub, the automaker’s nifty self-balancing mobility unicycle concept.

Honda’s Riding Assist Motorcycle uses robotics technology for self-leveling capabilities, using a Honda NC platform, Riding Assist employs variable electro-geometry without the use of gyroscopics to keep a motorcycle balancing.


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