‘Seegene’ – leading developer of multiplex molecular assays and automated solutions.

Seegene, Inc is a Korean manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, particularly molecular diagnostics. Its portfolio includes a range of assays and screening products for sepsis, respiratory diseases such as influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Seegene Rapidly Introduces New PCR Test that Identifies the Omicron Variant, its Stealth Version, and all VOCs in a single tube.

Seegene’s primary product focus is multiplex diagnostic assays, which allow for the detection and quantification of multiple pathogens from a single sample.[4] Seegene’s assays are developed using its proprietary Dual Priming Oligonucleotide (DPO™), Tagging Oligonucleotide Cleavage and Extension (TOCE™), and Multiple Detection Temperatures (MuDT™) technology platforms. Additional technologies[5] include the GeneFishing™ discovery platform for differentially expressed genes (DEG), which detects differences in gene expression between two or more samples, as well as DNA Walking Technology™, a platform permitting the identification of unknown sequences of DNA situated upstream or downstream of known sequences.

Seegene Mobile station

MOBILE STATION comes equipped with Seegene’s exclusive technology and know-how,
including High Multiplex reagent technology, an automated testing platform,
and dedicated IT analysis solution. An All-in-One Platform enables a full testing process
from specimen collection to data analysis, making the MOBILE STATION truly a complete
molecular diagnostics lab on the move.

Biosafety Cabinet Class II Type A2 in Negative pressure Extraction room
UV lamp in Extraction and PCR room
Sample pass box reducing contamination

Seegene Viewer : Automated result analysis
SG STATS : Trend analysis

Respiratory sample collection device
Self-sampling device

Extraction Reagent and RT-PCR Assay for COVID-19 and COVID-19 variants
Expandable to other diseases
(+100 infectious pathogens)

Automated Extraction and PCR setup system
Real-time PCR