‘HAI Dock’ -Turn Your Apple Device Into a Music Server!

The HAI (Home Automation Inc.) Dock allows users to access music on an iPod through IP-enabled devices over a wired or wireless network. When connected to a Hi-Fi 2 by HAI distributed audio system, the connected iPod or iPhone becomes a source that can be played in any audio zone connected to the Hi-Fi 2.

 It is available in two versions, a hardwired Ethernet (HAI96A00-1) and a Wi-Fi (HAI96A00-2) version. 

The attached iPod/iPhone is controlled from IP-enabled devices including HAI OmniTouch IP-enabled Touchscreens and the Hi-Fi 2 by HAI. Metadata (e.g. playlist, genre, artist, album, and track) is sent to IP-enabled devices on the network and displays on Touchscreens and Hi-Fi 2 Volume Source Controls. Send the iPod control commands including play, pause, stop, next/previous track, rewind, fast forward, next/ previous chapter. IP-enabled devices navigate and browse the iPod/iPhone music library by playlists, artists, albums, songs, podcasts, genres, composers, and audiobooks.

96A00-1 HAI Dock Operation Manual

Supported audio systems include Hi-Fi by HAI, Hi-Fi 2 by HAI, and products from NuVo, Russound, Xantech, Speakercraft, or Proficient.

With the Hi-Fi 2, you can enjoy music in all zones, plus see what’s playing, pause, previous/next track on the Hi-Fi 2’s Volume Source Control (VSC)


With HAI home control system and an HAI OmniTouch 5.7e, and browse the iPod from HAI’s Touchscreens. View Album art and control music in any room. Search by audiobook, podcast, genre, composer, and more.

The audio connection is an1/8” stereo mini-jack (HAI95A14-1) that can plug into a Hi-Fi2 Remote Input Module or into the Hi-Fi2 motherboard.  When using another distributed audio system like Russound you just use a 1/8” stereo mini-jack to RCA stereo cable (HAI95A13-1).


One of the ongoing changes in Automation Studio is that newer interfaces are built using the Automation Studio editor.  The benefit of this is that you can grab portions of the interface and use them in other screens.