DishCraft – dish cleaning service that leverages robots to clean dishes

Dishcraft automates commercial dishrooms using robotics and process innovation. Dishcraft offers a convenient dishware delivery service. 

Dishcraft leverages robotics, computer vision, machine learning, and innovative process to streamline commercial resturant dishwahing.

Dishcraft is currently providing its services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dishcraft Process Infographic Graphic 112119

Higher Level of Clean

Their dishes and utensils are scrubbed, inspected and sent through a Commercial-Grade Sanitizer for a clean that exceeds health code standards. The result? Guaranteed safe, sanitized foodware.

Reduce Your Waste

Their reusable solutions ensure compliance with upcoming sustainability ordinances and programs.

Less Expensive

The combined cost of compostable containers and utensil sets ranges widely but is almost always more expensive than their reusable container service. Add in fees for waste collection services and it’s not even close.