‘Miele’ dishwasher is wifi enabled, ‘spot clean’ and auto dry technology that makes dish washing easy


Miele dishwashers are recognized as worldwide leaders in dishwasher development. For over 106 years, Miele, the largest family-owned and operated appliance company in the world, has embraced its founders’ belief that success is only achievable in the long term by being totally committed to the quality of its products.

Miele is a German company that was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Miele aims to manufacture the highest-quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment in the world. It has always been a family-owned, family-run company.

They have a unique drying system. In fact, it is really the best drying system offered by any manufacturer.  The dishwasher has an air intake, which dissipates steam by attracting it to the colder wall.

Kiss Rinsing Goodbye.

Constantly monitors the rinse water’s mineral content, while other sensors check temperature, cycle intensity and even air flow – ensuring optimal performance and consistent results with each use.

Miele dishwashers are Energy Star rated, using advanced features such as water and soiling sensors to decrease the amount of water being used in each cycle. Miele only uses what is necessary to clean your dishes properly and not a drop more.

The dishwasher door automatically opens at the end of the cycle, allowing air to escape and circulate. This can aid in perfectly drying even the most challenging surfaces like plastics.

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Basket configuration: FlexiCare – Removable MultiComfort zone, fixed and foldable spikes and sectioned cup racks make loading your dishwasher quick and effortless.Cutlery Tray – Allows washing cutlery in rows of tines throughout the tray. A spray arm strategically placed above the cutlery tray offers a more hygienic clean.Convenience – Double WaterProof System: Miele?s “connect and protect” dual-waterproof system automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher in the event that a leak or blockage is detected. Q1 Acoustics – With new advancements in technology and a very progressive manufacturing process, Miele has done it again – producing the quietest range of dishwashers in its history! The Miele acoustics rating system ranks the quietness of each new dishwasher product on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the quietest dishwasher available.


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