Driving AI from Experimentation to Reality. Two-day, virtual conference. (OCTOBER 6TH & 7TH)

Scale AI for our two-day, virtual conference. We’re bringing together a community of leaders, visionaries, practitioners, and researchers across industries as we explore the shift from research to reality within AI and Machine Learning.

The world’s top experts onAI & Machine Learning

Showcasing the current state of AI and how they’re advancing our understanding of what’s possible

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11:00 AM

Opening Remarks With Alex Wang, CEO & Founder of Scale AI (Day 1)

11:05 AM

What’s Next for AI Systems & Language Models With Ilya Sutskever of OpenAI

12:00 PM

From Seeing to Doing: Understanding & Interacting With The Real World With Fei-Fei Li

12:30 PM

Data-Driven AI for Autonomous Vehicles With Dmitri Dolgov of Waymo

2:00 PM

Jeff Wilke on Accelerating AI Adoption: From Operations to Customer Experience

2:15 PM

The Data-Centric AI Approach With Andrew Ng

2:45 PM

The Challenges of Full-Stack AV Development With Jesse Levinson of Zoox

👋 Networking + Virtual Expo

3:30 PM

Are Transformers Becoming the Most Impactful Tech of the Decade?

Rethinking The Framework for Data With Chu-Cheng Hsieh of Etsy

How Scale Uses ML to Improve Label Quality & Labeler Productivity

Breakout Session to Be Announced Soon

4:00 PM

Panel: Tools to Accelerate ML Development & Rate of Innovation

Panel: Building a Resilient MLOps Strategy Through Dataset Management

Panel: AI in Financial Services with Plaid, Blend & Nubank

Breakout Session to Be Announced Soon

4:45 PM

Building Better Reinforcement Learning With World Models & Self-Attention Methods

Trends in Recommendation & Personalization at Netflix

Building Similarity into an AI-Driven Marketplace with Dr. Selcuk Kopru of eBay

How to Build an Effective AI Strategy for Business

5:15 PM

Democratizing & Accelerating the Future of AI With Kevin Scott

6:00 PM

Solving the Last Mile for Self-Driving With Raquel Urtasun of Waabi

6:30 PM

Autonomous Delivery: Overcoming the Technical Challenges with Jiajun Zhu of Nuro

7:15 PM

Advances in AI Robotics With Marc Segura of ABB

7:45 PM

Enterprise AI Strategy: Bret Taylor on Lessons Learned at Salesforce

8:20 PM

Transforming Drug Discovery Using Machine Learning

8:55 PM

Closing Remarks – Day 1

9:00 PM

👋 Networking + Virtual Expo


11:00 AM

Opening Remarks With Alex Wang, CEO & Founder of Scale AI (Day 2)

11:05 AM

A Global Perspective on AI With Eric Schmidt

12:00 PM

The Impact of AI in Financial Services & Beyond With R. Martin Chavez

12:45 PM

Keynote With Drago Anguelov of Waymo

1:30 PM

The Power of Personalization With Oskar Stal of Spotify

2:00 PM

Designing for Autonomous Vehicles at Scale with Hussein Mehanna of Cruise

Developing Realistic Approaches to Deploying ML in Federal Environments

2:45 PM

Building the Next Generation of NLP Applications With Richard Socher

Building a Framework to Accelerate the Adoption of AI for National Security

👋 Networking + Virtual Expo

3:30 PM

Growing With Open Source: From Torch to PyTorch With Soumith Chintala

The Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Breakout Session With Daniela Rus of MIT CSAIL

How to Use Privacy to Prevent Adverse Customer Outcomes

4:00 PM

Panel: Managing Compute With MLOps to Handle Growing Datasets & Model Sizes

Panel: Digital Transformation with Responsible AI

Panel: Why Do Businesses Fail at Machine Learning?

Panel: The State of AI in eCommerce

4:45 PM

AI + Synthetic Data = Smarter Robots

A Responsible Approach to Creating Global Economic Opportunities With AI

The Power of AI to Build a Competitive Edge for Enterprises

Embedding Synthetic Assets to Train AI Models

5:15 PM

eCommerce Panel: ML Building Blocks to Drive Better Customer Experience

Panel: The State of AI for National Security Mission Applications

Panel: The VC Landscape for AI Startups & Advice for Founders

Panel: Implications of AI Bias

6:00 PM

Fighting Against COVID-19: How Can AI Help Build & Scale an Effective Pandemic Response?

Fostering an AI Innovation Ecosystem for National Security

6:30 PM

The Future of Data-Driven Innovation in AI With Jerry Yang

Accelerating Social Good With AI: How Can Philanthropy, Private Sector & Government Collaborate?

7:00 PM

Fireside Chat with Austin Russell, CEO of Luminar

Operationalizing AI for National Security With Lt. Gen. Kirk S. Pierce

7:45 PM

Agile AI: Accelerating ML Projects

The Implications of AI Bias & Approaches to Operationalize Fairness

8:15 PM

Purpose-Driven Leadership in the Age of AI With Jeff Weiner of Linkedin

AI Regulation is Coming: How Should You Prepare?

8:55 PM

Closing Remarks – Day 2

9:00 PM

👋 Networking + Virtual Expo

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