DRUTEX – Smart Window

DRUTEX Smart Window is an interactive window that displays various types of media content. Apart from its standard functions, the company’s first smart window makes it possible to watch TV, browse the Internet, and use a capacitive panel.

The innovative multimedia product features an interactive window and a control unit used to control the device and interact with users via a number of interfaces. Its LCD matrix is enclosed in a glass pane, protecting the display from external factors. The window features a low-power ARM processor and interfaces for wireless communications based on the latest standards, such as WIFI (802.11n), Bluetooth (4.1) and Bluetooth Low Energy.

A pen drive or a portable drive with various media content can be connected to the window, as well as a keyboard and a mouse. Using your home computer network, the window can access the Internet, thus providing you with completely new window functionalities. 

Revolution by DRUTEX. Window instead of tablet or TV.

 The new product integrates well with the currently-offered Thaoma or Maco smart-home products, as their control panel may be displayed directly on the window.

SmartWindow by Drutex is available in all Drutex technologies: PVC, aluminium, wooden and wooden-aluminium systems. At the same time, all existing features and specifications of Drutex products are not affected.