‘eatNgage’ Online video conferencing software and Food Delivery for virtual meetings with real Lunch

eatNgage allows you to deliver food from local restaurants to webinar attendees across the country while integrating with other video conferencing tools.

Once you have created and activated your event, you will be given a special link to send to those you wish. This link is fully integrable and works with any email or marketing automation software you use.

After you finish creating your event, a link will automatically be generated and given to you. Once activated, you can send out the link to your attendees. Once the event is activated, your guests will be able to order using the link.

System sets the food options and event time based on your guest’s location.

Food is a great way to incentivize people to attend and participate, because who doesn’t love a free meal? eatNgage handle the food, you focus on delivering your message.

Each link can only be used once. You can also populate a list of unique codes for your visitors to enter before attending the meeting. Additionally, you have the option to submit your invitation to people on a select email list.