‘Eco Wave Power’ – Wave Energy

Eco Wave Power developed an innovative technology for production of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves.

It generates clean & affordable electricity, using a simple but smart design, allowing it’s floaters to be attached to existing man-made structures, and thereby simplifying installation and maintenance as well as accessibility.

Eco Wave Power’s technology is highly reliable as most of the cost of the system located on land, and only the floater mechanisms are located in the water. Therefore, the Eco Wave Power conversion unit is not subject to an aggressive marine environment. Furthermore, the Company utilizes storm protection mechanism, which prevents damages to the floaters during storms.

The floaters draw energy from incoming waves by converting the rising and falling motion of the waves into an clean energy generation process. More precisely, the movement of the floaters compresses and decompresses hydraulic pistons which transmit bio-degradable hydraulic fluid into land located accumulators. In the accumulators, at a pressure is being built. This pressure rotates a hydraulic motor, which rotates the generator, and then the electricity is transferred into the grid, via an inverter.

The fluid, after decompression, flows back into the hydraulic fluid tank, where it is then re-used by the pistons, thus creating a closed circular system.

The system commences production of electricity from wave heights of 0.5 meters.
The whole operation of the system is controlled and monitored by a smart automation system. Also, when the waves are too high for the system to handle the floaters automatically rise above the water level and stay in the upward position until the storm passes. Once the storm passes, the floaters return to operation mode.

The power plant had combined two different floater shapes; the Wave Clapper and the Power Wing. 

EWP is currently in collaboration processes and is seeking collaborations with conventional and green energy companies, electric utilities, energy ministries, marinas and ports, project developers, institutes, manufacturers, engineering companies, private and public funds, and investors.

Global organizations that are interested in researching, harnessing or investing in wave energy with the purpose of meeting the rising global demand for clean, renewable, and affordable electricity are also being considered.

Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner, and developer of the unique EWP wave energy device. Due to its 100% control and ownership of the EWP technology, Eco Wave Power can cooperate through a variety of options.
We have the capability to support different project structures such as: BOO (Build, Own, Operate), BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer), BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer), BLT (Build, lease, transfer), and BLOT projects (Build, lease, operate, transfer).

EWP is interested in selling its generated electricity in utility-scale size, grid-connected, multi-unit arrays to supply electricity for network connection and also distributed, smaller-scale devices to supply designated and off-grid users.

Eco Wave Power provides its clients and partners with a convenient A to Z package of services: starting with undertaking the feasibility studies to support our clients and partners in the validation process of wave energy projects in different geographic locations, and continuing with services of construction, installation, operation, and maintenance services to support our projects.