2015 Edison Awards Nominations set to open September 1, 2014

The Edison Awards: “Recognizing and honoring the best in innovation.”

The aforementioned Awards are named after the famous inventor, Thomas Edison. These awards are tributes to this inventor’s work and legacy.They are geared towards companies and researchers, who, like Edison, have innovative products. Recipients of the awards are able to increase awareness of their respective brands, which may lead to an increase in sales.

There are fifteen award categories open to innovators and entrepreneurs.  These range from Material Science to Science and Medical.

The full list of categories includes the following:

  1. Applied Technologyawards
  2. Consumer Goods
  3. Edison Green Award
  4. Electronics & Computers
  5. Energy & Sustainability
  6. Industrial Design
  7. Innovative Services
  8. Lifestyle & Social Impact
  9. Living, Working & Learning Environments
  10. Material Science
  11. Medial/Visual Communication
  12. New Retail Frontiers
  13. Science/Medical
  14. Thomas A. Edison Marketing Award
  15. Transportation

In order to be selected for the award, a specific company product along with its respective creator/innovator must be nominated. The nomination period with commence on September 1, 2014 and end in December. There is a nomination fee as well.

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