Embark – Self-driving Trucks

Embark is building self-driving truck technology to make roads safer and transportation more efficient. 

Embark’s truck uses a combination of radars, cameras and depth sensors known as LiDARs to perceive the world around it. Millions of data points from these sensors are processed using a form of artificial intelligence known as Deep Neural Nets (or DNNs) that allow the truck to learn from its own experience—much like humans learn from practice.

Alex Rodrigues – CEO and Co-Founder – Embark Technology – 23year old

Alex Rodrigues is the co-fonder and CEO of San Mateo-based Embark, a self-driving truck company that came out of stealth on Friday.

Analyzing terabyte upon terabyte of real-world data, Embark’s DNNs have learned how to see through glare, fog and darkness on their own.

Embark fits its autonomous technology to semis built by Peterbilt.

The company—which gained approval from the state of Nevada earlier this year to begin testing its truck on public roads—has created a technology that allows trucks to drive from exit to exit on the freeway without any human input.

Vehicular automation involves the use of mechatronics, artificial intelligence, and multi-agent system to assist a vehicle’s operator. These features and the vehicles employing them may be labeled as intelligent or smart.

Embark - Self-Driving Semi Trucks

Pronto – New Safety Layer  for Today’s Trucks

Copilot by Pronto is a highway safety system for commercial trucking.

Offering full adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and proactive lane centering.

AI-powered Collision Mitigation/ Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

Camera-based, powered by industry-leading artificial intelligence software. Vastly improved identification of collision threats. Predicts traffic flow to proactively apply brakes.

Continuous Lane Centering

Automatically keeps truck centered in lane for extended highway stretches. Provides safe following distance between vehicles in front.

Full Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Ability to apply full braking, combined with adaptive cruise control that goes all the way to 0mph, enables comfortable, safe cruising, even in slow traffic, for the first time ever in trucks.

A vehicle using automation for difficult tasks, especially navigation, may be referred to as semi-autonomous. A vehicle relying solely on automation is consequently referred to as robotic or autonomous. After the invention of the integrated circuit, the sophistication of automation technology increased. Manufacturers and researchers subsequently added a variety of automated functions to automobiles and other vehicles.

Pronto URL: https://pronto.ai/

Embark URL : https://embarktrucks.com/