Skycamp is an EXPANDABLE hard-shell car roof top tent that gives you the freedom to camp whenever and wherever you want

Skycamp is an EXPANDABLE hard-shell roof top tent that offers phenomenal space: It’s king-size mattress easily fits 2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults, making it a perfect tent for families, couples or friends on the road. The insulated honeycomb aluminum panel flooring and high density memory foam mattress also offers incredible comfort.
The Skycamp weighs only about 150 lbs (68kg), including the integrated ladder and mattress, which is incredibly lightweight considering the tent’s size once it is open. Two people can easily load and unload the Skycamp, and its universal mounting system allows it to be mounted on most vehicles. Similar to other objects , you can mount on your vehicle’s roof (bikes, kayaks, carrier box, etc.), the Skycamp requires only a pair of cross bars on a roof rack.
 Forget hotels. Have the freedom to drive wherever you want, whenever you want, and however you want. Be closer to nature and fall asleep under the stars. Set up is absolutely simple, and takes less than a minute to set up. No more RVs and no more struggles with setting up a ground tent. Embark on your own journey, and follow your dreams.
The Poly-Cotton canvas tent comes in two different versions: one is treated with fire retardant chemicals, and the other is not. A little background information: the current tent flammability standard for several states in the US and Canada, CPAI-84, was created in 1976 to limit the risk of fire in canvas tents coated in wax. Since then, tent fabrics have greatly evolved and research suggests the chemicals used in the flame retardant coating could have negative health effects
  • Poly-Cotton Canvas, Untreated with flame retardant chemicals. This fabric does NOT adhere to the Flame Retardant standard CPAI-84 and as such, these tents cannot be shipped to 7 states in the United States (CA, LA, MA, MI, MN, NJ, or NY) or to Canada. As this canvas is untreated, it limits your exposure to chemicals and allows the material to be more breathable.
  • Poly-Cotton Canvas, Treated with flame retardant chemicals. This version adheres to the Flame Retardant standard CPAI-84 and can be shipped globally.
Skycamp gives you the freedom to camp whenever and wherever you want.

You can choose between two tent materials:
POLY 210D: lightweight, waterproof (3000mm PU coating), quick to dry out and requires little maintenance. It is more resistant to rips and mildew, but it does have some downsides as well. Poly 210D is not a good insulator compared to cotton, so it can get more hot when it is warm, and chilly when it gets cold. Poly 210D is not naturally breathable, so condensation may build up inside of the tent.
POLY-COTTON CANVAS: breathable (less chance of condensation) and insulates very well. You won’t get as hot on a warm day, nor as cold when it is chilly. It is heavier than the Poly 210D, but due to its weight and insulation properties, it is quieter if there’s a breeze. This fabric can also last longer and is more resistant to harmful UV rays. Poly-Cotton canvas is waterproof, but care should be taken to dry out the material before closing the Skycamp to avoid mildew.
Both Skycamp’s tent materials (poly or canvas) are water resistant, and come equipped with a rainfly to keep you nice and dry. The Poly 250D material has 5000mm waterproof rating, and the Poly-Cotton canvas material is naturally water resistant. The entrance zipper is waterproof, and the zippers on the windows can be covered, ensuring that no water gets in there either. Skycamp has passed tests in winds up to 20m/s or 44mph. These are very high winds as the National Weather Service issues a High Wind Warning when winds above 40mph are expected. Please be cautious, iKamper does NOT recommend camping in extremely windy conditions.


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