‘ZED Fellowship’ for learners and aspiring aerospace professionals

Zed Factor Fellowship is a new fellowship for aerospace professionals from under-represented groups.

Founded by a group of space professionals from diverse backgrounds, the Zed Factor Fellowship empowers and engages learners and aspiring aerospace professionals from underrepresented backgrounds through hands-on, practical experiences working in and contributing to the leading companies of the aerospace community.

Zed Factor Fellowship

ZFF fellows create and conduct their own community service project, amplifying the impact of each fellowship far beyond one individual.  

Zed Factor Fellowship will include pairing fellows with industry mentors, placing them in paid summer internships, and providing opportunities for them to build a community (via a summit and other gatherings, in person and virtual, throughout and after the summer program).  The participants will also be required to give back to their communities, providing mentorship to a younger community member, building a program in their high school, or finding an appropriate way to grow and expand the impact of the Zed Factor Fellowship beyond themselves.

  1. Mentorship from an aerospace professional.
  2. An immersive internship at an aerospace company.
  3. Professional development programs with a flagship leadership summit.
  4. Self-designed service project to engage the fellow’s community in their experience. 
  5. A lasting network connecting students throughout their education and professional lives.
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Applicants have the opportunity to differentiate themselves via their academic and extracurricular activities, as well as how they plan to incorporate their Zed Factor Fellowship, via a service project, into their community to help it grow and prosper.  

Community service is an important way to amplify the impact of any fellowship, to ensure the fellowship not only changes the life of the fellow, but also of their community. Each applicant gets a chance to define what they consider to be their community, whether it be their family, friends, academic institution or other group that they identify and want to grow with.  

More information can be found at our website, and questions can be directed to info@zedfactorfellowship.org