Flens – flashlight booster for smartphones

Flens – The first flashlight booster for smartphones. It makes your smartphone’s LED light useful. Turns your phone into a tight-focused flashlight, to see better and farther in total

Boosts your smartphone’s flash and turns it into a real, powerful flashlight.

Enhances low-light shots
With Flens, you can shoot photos and videos in complete darkness, up to 10 meters away.

It’s so small that it doesn’t interfere with the field of view of most devices’ cameras.

Flens is compatible with every flash-enabled Apple device, including the latest iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE, even with original and third-party* covers.

It’s also compatible with selected* Android and Windows Phone devices.

Flens magnetically attaches to the top of your smartphone’s LED flashlight.

It narrows the emitted rays by 10X, generating a powerful, far-reaching light beam.

It will boost your smartphone’s flashlight, and you will see farther away!

The f/# setting on a lens controls many of the lens’s parameters: overall light throughput, depth of field, and the ability to produce contrast at a given resolution.



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