FoldiMate – robotic laundry folding, de-wrinkle, and perfumes your clean clothes

FoldiMate  is an automatic iron dryer that not only takes care of drying and ironing clothes for you, but also leaves it perfectly folded.

FoldiMate is a California-based company developing a robotic laundry folding machine.

 Foldimate, which is about the size of a small washing machine, can handle 25 items in less than five minutes.

FoldiMate can fold shirts, buttoned-up blouses, and pants from children’s clothes to adult size XXL.

Robotic Folding

Smart, FoldiMate adjusts the folding according to the item being folded.

It is very unlikely that FoldiMate will tear or otherwise damage your clothes. Folding technology is being tested to handle all types of items and fabrics. Once folded, each item is gently lowered into the bottom drawer, ready to put away.