Folding Mini Portable Electric Fast Drying clothes Dryer Hanger

Electric Clothes Drying Hanger makes the process of drying Quick. It takes almost 2-3hrs to dry as opposed to 6-8hrs in summer or days in winter.

Electric Clothes Drying Hanger has a built-in microcomputer protection, after 3 hours it will automatically switch cold and hot wind. Its has overheating protection because it is made up of flame retardant material. It has ceramic heating tablets (PTC) which use heating technology, this gives it moderate heat dissipation, low power usage, thus an enhanced thermal effect.

ts waterproof of air inlet made it safe and durable to dry damp clothes, with Anti-overheating system,high temperature resistance and flame retardant material, will automatically switch to cool air after 3 hours in order to avoid damaging clothes

With the Electric Clothes Drying Hanger you can blow hot air, but it does not make the air too hot which might damage the clothes. Cold air option is available if you worry about shrinkage or heat damage.

One-button control,warm(red light) and cool(blue light) air could be changed at will,fast drying clothes in 3 hours by warm air (50°~60°).

Detachable design and mini size, easy to carry and use for your business travel, essentially by self-dry and smooth clothing functions

The clothes dryer has a conventional clothing care functions, such as: moisture, mildew, moth, sterilization, resistance smelling, deodorization, and dry the lightweight clothing right after washing function.

The Electric Clothes Drying Hanger has a compact size and it is detachable. It doesn’t take much space you can store it in your closet or you can take it along with you in your luggage. It is simple in its operation and it is also easy to carry.

The Electric Clothes Drying Hanger can be used for shirts, T-shirts, shorts, vests, lightweight coats, infant clothes, underwears, underpants, socks, suits, coats, dresses, jackets and other lightweight clothes.

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