HYPAR is a folding Kayak that folds into a light-weight backpack

Folding KayakHYPAR. In few minutes, HYPAR transforms from compact, light Box into a sleek Kayak that has excellent speed and control ability.

HYPAR folds back into a compact box, designed to be carried as a light-weight backpack – making it incredibly easy to handle, transport and amazingly convenient to store.

The modular design of HYPAR ensures easy reconfiguration from kayak to canoe, sailing boat or dinghy – even a solar boat and more!

The perfectly streamlined, graceful hull design minimises drag and enhances stability.

HYPAR is a modular smartboat that can be quickly transformed from a kayak into a rowing, sailing or even a solar powered motor boat. Its innovative hull shape ensures great speed and stability while the ground breaking folding design enables complete conversion from boat to backpack in less than 5 minutes… Portage and storage have never been so easy!



The HYPAR design team worked in close collaboration with DS Smith, a leading European corrugated plastics manufacturer, to develop the perfect material for the hull which is both lightweight & reliably robust at the same time. We are proud to introduce a custom Akyboard™ polypropylene material specifically adapted for marine conditions and the unique design aspects of HYPAR.

Advantages of Marine AKYBOARD®. Being lightweight, versatile and bidirectionally resistant. Reinforced by internal sells structure, composed as cylindrical honeycomb hexagonal matrix. Marine AKYBOARD® Polipropilen reinforced with UV and Corrosion Protection. Special grade of PP improve Flexibility and Strength.

Designed to be carried as a backpack, HYPAR utilises a cutting edge, material to achieve a diminutive weight of under 8Kg! Thanks to its modest dimensions, HYPAR fits most cars and storage locations and is even suitable for airline luggage.

Compact dimensions 1010mm/800mm/250mm. Overall weight 7-9kg. Belts & Straps made as a single piece harness.

The perfectly streamlined, sleek hull is outlined by hard chine running from the razor sharp wave piercing bow to the wide stern. The HYPAR outline provides exceptional hydrodynamic properties culminating in ultra-low drag, perfect course holding and impressive form stability.

Hidrodinamik propertys of HYPER hull form, advanced by Australian fluid dynamics engineer and PhD Dr. Louis Mittoni.



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