‘Freevolt’ biometric smart card

Freevolt Technologies is a UK technology company developing next-generation biometric smart card products for the access control, cryptocurrency wallet, healthcare and payments sectors.

Freevolt offers suite of proprietary, patented and patent-pending technologies that recycle and harvest RF energy from radio transmission networks (NFC, cellular, Wi-Fi, etc.) to power next-generation biometric smart cards.

Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting

Freevolt’s radio frequency energy harvesting technology is capable of using existing RF sources, such as Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, in order to combat card fraud by unlocking additional power to drive biometrics, Dynamic CVV, and other enhanced security measures

Generating higher power, enabling greater functionality

No regulatory or infrastructure changes – works with existing card technologies

Enables better security and UX/speed

Fits into existing card footprint and thickness

Uses off-the-shelf components

No recharging or changing batteries: it works whenever you position it next to a card machine

Proprietary technology with multiple patents filed / granted


Tighter Control: Maintain 2-Factor Authentication, with additional security layer possible (3FA)

Removes Threat from Card Loss: Only named individual can use the card to gain access

Scalable & Easy to Adopt: Works with existing access control systems, no changes required

Better Privacy & GDPR Compliance: Fingerprint hash encrypted and stored on the card (never leaves the card)

Improved Hygiene: Secure, contactless entry now possible post COVID-19 pandemic

Freevolt’s mission is to deliver advanced biometric smart cards that feature fraud protection and improved security without imposing any changes in the existing card reader infrastructure or the user experience. Our lead product, S-Key, is a battery-less biometric smart card for access control, helping businesses reduce security and impersonation ris

Their technology can be miniaturized and allows for advanced features on contactless smart cards by providing 2-3x more power than stock secure elements or other comparable energy harvesting solutions on the market.

It sells biometric smart cards into the access control, cryptocurrency wallet, healthcare, and payments sectors.