‘WSC Sports’ platform generates personalized sports videos for digital platform automatically in real-time using AI

WSC Sports‘ AI driven platform analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies each and every event that occurs in the game, creates customized short-form video.

WSC Sports Technologies provides an innovative workflow automation solution for sports media-right owners, from ingestion of live content to distribution

Originally envisioning as a coaching tool for basketball, and then a platform to give sports fans control of their viewing experience

At its core, the technology itself was built to give every fan what they want to see, and basically let the fan control what interests them.

It breaks down the game and allow every fan to create their own highlights

AI-generated highlights is one thing, today the system is using the technology, with the AI in the background, to generate a lot of different content experiences

It is all based on AI, multiple algorithms, machine learning, information analysis, and data technologies all mixed together into a very content-specific solution to understand what is an actual event in each sport and the meaning it bears within the game.

It also give editorial teams ‘super powers’ to multiply what they used to do and create new experiences. Then, by working with partners, it can facilitate opportunities for their sponsors and partners to engage their fans in a way that matters; whether that be for a fantasy game, a betting opportunity, or signing up to an OTT service.