‘ e-paper display’ – a new generation of electronic display mimicking ordinary ink on paper

Electronic paper and epaper are display devices that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit flat panel displays that emit light, electronic paper displays reflect light like paper.

“E Ink” is a Taiwan based electronic ink technology company, it recently announced a 32″ flexible and extremely lightweight display. These two features make the display an ideal solution as a drop-in replacement for digital signage applications in transportation and other public information systems. This is the latest addition to the E Ink Mobius™ product line of lightweight flexible displays.

The key attributes of the new product is that it can be flexed and conformed to a simple curve or more than one curve. Transportation systems such as buses and trains frequently have overhead display surfaces for information and advertisements that require such curved display systems.

“E Ink Mobius displays offer a unique solution for public information systems and other digital signage applications.” said Harit Doshi, E Ink’s head of the signage business unit. “The flexibility, lightweight and low power requirements of the 32″ Mobius display make it an ideal drop-in replacement for the existing paper or plastic based systems in present use. Operators can upgrade their systems to provide greater customer service without having to add major infrastructure changes.”

The 32″ Mobius display weighs 150 grams or less than 6 ounces with a resolution of 2650 X 1440 at 94 PPI. It has all the paper-like readability and low power consumption of E Ink displays. They will not add a significant power load on the system and can even be powered with solar cells and rechargeable batteries.

The 32″ Mobius product will be on display during SID’s Display Week, in E Ink’s booth (#521) at the Moscone Conference Center from Tuesday, May 24th through Thursday, May 26th.

E Ink Holdings Inc. technology is based on technology from MIT’s Media Lab, it has transformed and defined the eReader market with its ePaper technology, enabling a new multi-billion market in less than 10 years.

Its FFS technologies are a standard for high end consumer electronic products.


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