STEM Genius® Winter Youth Conference

Annual STEM Genius Winter Youth Conference!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). seven brand new programs added to our robust collection of STEM programming.

Join this virtual conference featuring programming for middle school students in the morning and high school students in the afternoon.

…and keep an eye out for when we can all safely meet in our new location in the heart of the city on a beautiful 53 acre campus encompassing 10 offices and 40 engineering design studios!

Featured Highlights:

  • Admission to three STEM Genius® virtual programs.
  • Daily panel discussions on careers led by Amazon professionals.
  • STEM conference kits will be provided at no cost to participants.
  • A STEM Genius® t-shirt will be provided at no cost to participants.
  • A STEM Genius® engineering binder provided to participants.


  • A one page double-spaced essay on why you desire to attend the STEM Genius Winter Youth Conference must be submitted to by December 29, 2020,11:59PM for participation consideration. Notifications of acceptance will be emailed no later than January 4, 2021.
  • All participants must have access to a computer, with wifi capabilities.

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