‘Genomelink’ – personal discovery tool to help you understand who you are genetically.

Genomelink is raw DNA data upload site that provides reports of potential of genomics and the role it will play in our lives over the coming years.

Genomelink uses your existing raw DNA data from services like AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and 23andMe to give you additional insights into your DNA.

The list of genetic traits that Genomelink examines is constantly expanding and is based on the latest scientific research. 

Genomelink analyzes your genetic traits by connecting your raw DNA data with a growing body of genomics research. Continuously stay in the know about how DNA shapes your body, mind, and character to create the unique you.


Genomelink is a personal discovery tool for you to know more about your DNA identity through the lens of genomics science. We focus on unique traits such as Nutrition, Personality, Intelligence, Fitness, and Physical Traits. The majority of our 200+ traits are not covered by other testing companies or DNA upload sites.

The advancement of genomics science and your DNA discoveries never ends. Their science team curates thousands of research studies to bring you the newest insights from the frontier of genomics research. Many of them are unique from other DNA testing companies.

Whether you are curious about fun every day aspects of yourself or deeper levels of your health and wellbeing, Genomelink provides you with a wide range of traits to help you understand who you are genetically. By understanding our predispositions, we may be able to live healthier and develop better lifestyles. Our genetics alone does not dictate who we become, but are vital in better understanding ourselves. 

Traits like –

Some of the reports that are also available

Ancient Ancestry Report

Our unique Ancient Ancestry Report reveals how much DNA data and genetic profile you share with your ancient ancestors over 5,000 years ago. It comes with seven major group analyses, including Hunter-gatherers / First Farmers / Steppe pastoralists / Indigenous Americans / West African / East Asian / South Asian.

Big 5 Career Type Report

Get an in-depth analysis of your career-related genetic characteristics by adopting a well-studied psychological framework, Big 5. It reveals what types of careers might match your genetic profile!

Nutrition Advice Report

Genomelink combines your current self-reported body conditions with genetic trait analysis to provide personalized nutrition advice that comes with specific food recommendations catered to you!

Fitness Advice Report

We believe you can improve your fitness outcomes by being better equipped with in-depth knowledge of yourself. In the Fitness Report, you will get detailed advice on aerobic training, resistance training for power, and resistance training for building muscle size.