‘Bixi’ Is A Gesture Control Device That Allows You To Manage Any Smart Device by Simply Waving

A multi-functional touch-free Smart Controller, Bixi senses your in-air gestures and commands your devices for a distraction-free use!

‘Bixi’ senses your hand gestures and controls your Smart Home Devices.

Bixi is the first ultra-portable companion that senses your in-air hand gestures and commands your favorite smartphone Apps, LifX & Hue bulbs, Internet Speakers, GoPro and many other IoT devices. Control fluidly your devices without putting your current activity on pause.

You can control multiple actions of two apps or devices at the same time with Bixi. For example, you can be on your bike with Bixi on ‘Music’ & ’GoPro’ profiles and control both your songs and your GoPro with only gestures. Other such examples are:

  • Music & Lights control (Home)
  • Reading & door-lock control (home)
  • GoPro & Music control (on bike)
  • Phone/SMS & Music control(In car)

Bixi partners with Drivemode App (for Android) to bring a distraction free in-car control of Music, Calls, SMS and Navigation. 

No need to look at your phone screen anymore!


Bixi works via Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and the Bixi App connects Bixi to other devices based on Wi-Fi or other protocols.

You can control two devices or Apps at the same time. Simply choose them in the Bixi App, connect Bixi to your iOS or Android mobile phone and use the Bixi app to set up the device profiles you wish to use Bixi for.


Setting Up Bixi is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Connect your bixi to bixi app.

2. Select the profiles that you wish to control.

3. Press sync & Voila! Your bixi is ready.

4. Now go, get your hands dirty!


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