‘GestureFX’ – interactive gesture controlled surfaces, projected onto any floor, wall, table or displayed via LCD, controlled with simple hand, foot & body gestures.

GestureTek is an American-based interactive technology company.

The company’s multi-patented video gesture control technology (VGC) lets users engage multi-media content, access information, manipulate special effects, even immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world – simply by moving their hands or body. It delivers Kinect-like gesture-control without the need to wear, hold or touch anything.

They invented and shaped the field of ‘applied computer vision’ for computer-human interaction, and have continued as world leaders, inventing new video gesture control technologies ever since.

Their technology is used in museums, science centers, amusement parks, trade shows, retail locations, bars & nightclubs, real estate presentation centers, corporate showrooms, boardrooms, digital signage networks and other public spaces such as airports and stadiums. We’re also revolutionizing television production, game development, advertising, virtual videoconferencing, and even the healthcare sector, by applying our technology in unique and innovative ways.

GestureTek’s gesture interface applications include multi-touch and 3D camera tracking. GestureTek’s multi-touch technology powers the multi-touch table in Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. A GestureTek multi-touch table with object recognition is found at the New York City Visitors Center.Telefónica has a multi-touch window with technology from GestureTek. GestureTek’s 3D tracking technology is used in a 3D television prototype from Hitachi and various digital signage and display solutions based on 3D interaction.

GroundFX is multimedia visual display system that projects incredible interactive special effects, games or advertisements directly onto any floor of any size. Utilizing GestureTek’s patented GestureFX technology, users control dynamic multimedia interactive displays with simple gestures and body movements allowing for real-time motion control and interaction with display graphics. It’s an engaging full-body interactive experience that immerses users in your message and endears them to your brand or campaign.

Stop people in their tracks by projecting dazzling special effects onto any wall or vertical surface. A dynamic, full-body interactive wall experience where the user controls interactive effects, advertising and games with simple hand and body motions is a definite crowd pleaser in location-based entertainment facilities, retail venues and public spaces.

ScreenFX displays utilize a patented, camera-based system that actually looks out at the surrounding area and reacts directly to movement. Customers can’t ignore digital signage that tracks their gestures and creatively responds with dazzling effects. As people pass by the dynamic and engaging ScreenFX display, they instantly notice their movement magically creating stunning changes to the graphical content.

ScreenFX can also be used on store front windows, creating head-turning interactive gesture controlled advertising displays.

TableFX turns an ordinary horizontal surface into an interactive table, bar or countertop, projecting incredible interactive advertising, games, images and special effects for the enjoyment of patrons. With effects similar to GroundFX, TableFX is perfect for nightclubs, restaurants and location-based entertainment venues. Tables can also be delivered with multi-touch capability, for collaborative and multi-user experiences.

Cube© v5
Looking for a compact, turnkey, ‘plug and play’ interactive display unit? The Cube projects an interactive 100″ diagonal display (up to 130″) onto any floor. It’s portable, less costly than a permanent component system, and comes with the same great GestureFX applications and games. GestureTek and its resellers use the CUBE to create amazing content that immerses users in interactive floor projections for any environment.