Gladwell Gecko Robotic Window Cleaner

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window cleaner is an intelligent robot specially designed to clean any surface without hands-on operation. The robotic cleaner employs the use of sensors in guiding its movement around sharp edges and tight corners, and also prevent the robotic cleaner from falling or hitting bumps on its cleaning path.

Another safety feature included in the Gladwell Gecko cleaner is a rope which ensures that the robotic window cleaner does not fall from the window even if other safety measures fail.

Looking at these safety features put in place by Gladwell Gecko, you can rest assured that the device will not be damaged anytime soon.

You would like to control this robot manually, you can quickly press the mapped out buttons on the app, so you can control and choose the path the robotic window cleaner goes. That said, the Gladwell Gecko Window cleaner also employs a powerful suction technology.

This feature ensures that all the stains on your window are removed without you breaking a sweat. On top of that, the Gladwell Gecko cleaner comes with a microfiber pad, which is attached to the bottom of this window cleaner. The microfiber pad is further used to dry the cleaned surface so you can start using it in no time. After using the microfiber pad, you can wash it and use it another time.

Gladwell Gecko robot cleaner is its compatibility with Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is download the proprietary app online, install it, and then you will have unhinged access to various features that enable you to choose the cleaning option you prefer.