‘GoFar’ a personal trainer for your car driving habit

GoFar is like a personal trainer for your car, logging your trips and giving you real-time feedback to get the very best performance from your engine. Oh and it’ll also help save up to 22% on fuel costs!

Communicating directly with the car’s onboard computer, the GoFar app can display all sorts of valuable insights. Track every journey’s duration, distance and fuel use in real time, or delve into the data with a weekly overview, giving you insights into everything from your CO2 emissions to accelerating and braking scores out of 100.

No one likes a backseat driver. It’s just a stream of bad news, peppered with an occasional yelp or stamp on an invisible brake. GoFar is the travel buddy you always dreamed of.

Instead of blurting out ‘watch that car door!’ and leaving nail marks in the upholstery, this ingenious car-monitoring gadget quietly and efficiently helps you get the very best performance from your car.


How? Well, the dashboard-mounted ‘ray’ device works in real time with your car’s onboard computer and GoFar’s iPhone app. Between them, they calculate exactly how hard your car’s engine needs to work for the perfect fuel efficiency.



While you’re driving, the ray on the dash glows a reassuring blue – letting you know at a glance that you’re driving in the engine’s sweet spot. Brake too hard, or accelerate too fast, and it’ll transition to a warning red – you’re wasting fuel and putting unnecessary pressure on the engine. This alone can save you up to 22% on your fuel costs.

Real time driver feedback device for your car with Bluetooth connection Logs, scores and improves your driving Cuts your fuel bill by up to 22% Helps reduce emissions Dash mounted ‘ray’ device with plug-and-play dongle Easy to install (no mechanic required) Works on all petrol and diesel cars made since 2008 Export data to a laptop or PC to analyze at your leisure.

When plugged in, the GOFAR gives you visual feedback on your driving with the Ray unit that sits on your dash in the field of view for the driver. Operation is as simple as blue is good, purple indicates your driving is consuming more fuel and red indicates that you should probably stop mashing the accelerator into the floor.




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