‘GOOD Meat’ received FDA approval to bring its Lab grown (cultivated) chicken to the market

GOOD Meat is real meat, made without tearing down a forest or taking a life. It is the first and only company in the world to sell cultivated meat. It’s product is GOOD Meat cultivated chicken, which Singapore has approved for sale, and is currently available at select restaurants.

GOOD Meat, World’s First-to-Market Cultivated Meat, Receives U.S. FDA Clearance

Cultivated meat is also sometimes referred to as cultured meat, cell-based meat, clean meat, lab-grown meat, cell-cultured meat and in-vitro meat.


GOOD Meat is a new brand from Eat Just, Inc., a food company that applies science and technology to create safe, healthy and more sustainable foods. GOOD Meat is cultivated meat, a process of making sustainable, safe meat from animal cells instead of slaughtered animals. The company also makes plant-based egg products under the JUST Egg brand, which millions of families enjoy today from San Francisco to Shanghai.

GOOD Meat is real, high-quality meat made from cells instead of animals that are raised and slaughtered. Our first product is cultivated chicken, which has been approved for sale in Singapore in 2020. We’re also working on other types of meat, including cultivated beef using cells from California pasture-raised cattle and Wagyu from the Toriyama farm in Japan.

The process begins by sourcing a small amount of animal cells from high-quality poultry or livestock. It then feed those cells nutrients, including amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and vitamins – the same types of nutrients animals need to grow and multiply. These nutrients, known as the growth medium, grow the cells into meat. The entire process takes place in a safe and controlled environment much like a beer brewery.

Instead of growing the entire animal, we only grow what is eaten. This means we use fewer resources in growing meat and we can be more efficient, completing growth in weeks rather than months or years. Then, the harvested product can be used by chefs in multiple final formats, from less structured crispy chicken nugget bites, savory chorizo and sausages, to more textured products such as shredded chicken or grilled chicken breasts.

GOOD Meat cultivated chicken is high in protein and essential amino acids and is antibiotic-free. As our cultivated chicken cells are derived from actual chicken, the composition is similar to conventional chicken meat.

Production of GOOD Meat cultivated chicken is done under food GOOD Manufacturing Practices (GMP), following a rigorous food safety program. It follows a defined food safety plan that assures our meat is free of pathogens and foreign particles. We also maintain a cold chain controlled and monitored by our partners and us to assure the product’s safety.

They manufacture GOOD Meat cultivated chicken under controlled conditions, which are assured by working with organizations such as the Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) in Singapore, that have years of experience in food manufacturing.

Their cultivated chicken has undergone an extensive and thorough evaluation process by the regulatory authorities in Singapore, which included evaluation of a safety package by a panel of scientific experts. Their cultivated chicken product and manufacturing processes were found to meet these safety requirements.

When compared to conventional chicken, cultivated chicken has much lower microbiological content because the animal cells are grown in a safe, sterile and controlled environment.