GutBiome – Analyzes microorganisms in your gut and provide you with a full probiotics profile.

GutBiome+ is an excellent tool for those interested in improving their digestive health and overall well-being. When you provide a stool sample for the gut health test, we use whole metagenome sequencing to:

  • Analyze the microorganisms in your gut
  • Tell you about your microbe profile, metabolism, nutrition utility, lifestyle status, and gut type
  • Provide you with a full probiotics profile
  • Offer custom dietary suggestions to implement based on your metabolism and microbiome

Your health is heavily impacted by your microbiome, the intricate ecosystem made of trillions of microorganisms that inhabit your body. Even though you might not consider this microscopic community to be “one unit”, scientists often refer to the microbiome as the “forgotten organ” because like all other organs, it performs metabolic, protective, and structural functions.

The gut microbiome in particular is a host of bacteria and other organisms that live inside the digestive system. These microorganisms can be healthy or unhealthy; good ones control digestion and support the immune system while bad ones contribute to weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. The health of your microbiome can be measured with a simple gut health test.

Although your DNA is 99% similar to everyone else’s, your microbiome is unique. No one’s body digests food the same way as anyone else’s; that’s why some people have intolerances to dairy and gluten food items while others have no problems at all digesting these substances.

Gut microbiome testing gives you a deeper understanding of your own microbiome, so you can then take control of your health and prevent disease. With an understanding of the inner workings of your individual microbiome, Psomagen can give you personalized recommendations that will have you feeling better than ever before.

the microbiome has a significant influence over each system of your body, and research suggests that gut bacteria could be linked to diabetes, IBS, colon cancer, obesity and more. Therefore, a take-home gut health DNA test can shed light on the trouble you may have with weight loss, sleep, digestion, mental acuity, skin health, and so on.

For example, if you can’t maintain a healthy weight, don’t sleep well at night, or you lack healthy, radiant skin, your gut health may be the issue. A deeper look into your gut microbiome via the GutBiome+ DNA test eliminates guesswork from your nutritional efforts with custom suggestions about which foods you should eat more or less of each day to improve your gut microbiome.