‘Haus.me’ – 3D printed modular fully-sustainable pre fabricated smart home

Haus.me is a designer and manufacturer of 3D-printed modular homes based in Reno, Nevada. Homes from haus.me are marketed as fully-sustainable smart homes that can be used either in a typical residential setting and connected to traditional utilities or upgraded and used as a self-sustaining, off-grid home.

Haus.me offers autonomous intelligent manufactured houses, delivered ready-to-go. Core tech: polymer GFRP composites, 3D printing, energy efficiency, self-sustainability, zero carbon emissions housing, distributed power management software, cloud engineering management. Haus.me homes – fully self-sustainable housing product.

haus.me is absolutely self-sustainable and off-the-grid. This home doesn’t need to be connected to electricity, water, or sewage. No propane tanks, no firewood.

haus.me is a true mobile house. It can be placed or relocated easily and fast.

This off-the-grid house doesn’t need a foundation, just a flat ground surface.

Water tanks, solar energy battery storage, and autonomous sewage all come with the house. So, it is possible to live in any location you have ever dreamed of.

Only clean energy and sustainability as a core focus. Off-grid solar power, water generation from air condensation, and autonomous sewage – haus.me can make your life more comfortable everywhere without limits and without bills, saving you up to $3600 in annual energy costs!

This autonomous house is designed for comfort. It is pre-equipped with everything you need – furniture, fully-equipped kitchen, Sonos speaker system, Nest camera, thermostat, Apple TV, 100″ projector screen, 24/7 internet connection, and even a fingerprint doorlock.

It can be a cozy guest house, a dream vacation house, or a unit for rent.

Haus.me is a one-of-a-kind, integrated, intelligent home. The house possesses 24 intelligent subsystems that work together to ensure you are living safely and comfortably. The house can make decisions to help and protect you. It can listen. It can speak.

Your haus.me home does not just have a brain, it has a heart.

Smart air quality, oxygen, and carbon gas level control systems
Reverse osmosis water quality control system with artificial mineralization
HEPA antibacterial and antivirus protection