Lumos helmet keeps cyclists safe with automatic brake lights.

Lumos is a next generation ultimate bicycle helmet with brake lights and turn signals, to help cyclists stay safe and visible on the road.For cyclists, the road can be a nasty place to be at night, so we’re all for technologies that can help draw drivers’ attention in order to reduce the number of accidents.

The latest of such attempt is the Lumos helmet, which not only comes with turn signal indicators that can be controlled wirelessly, but also packs a brake light that comes on automatically as you slow down.This seemingly simple idea came from Eu-wen Ding and Jeff Chen. Ding pointed out that while there are already light attachments available for bicycles, cyclists may still unwittingly leave them behind, but most cyclists wouldn’t ride without their helmets, hence the Lumos.

The Lumos comes with a dual-button handlebar attachment that lets you toggle either the left or right turn indicator via RF signal and when you decelerate, the brake light on the back of the helmet automatically lights up, though Ding and Chen are still fine-tuning this part. There are a set of LEDs on the front side that stays on permanently, so there is little excuse to miss the cyclist at night. According to the product page, a single charge should last up to a week on average use (30 minutes per day) and recharging is simply a matter of plugging in a micro-USB cable.

Lumos it is a proper cycling helmet that has passed impact tests and meets safety standards and will be launching with two sizes on kickstarter.


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