IKEA Home Smart programme

IKEA has introduced smart functionality into its new Trådfri lighting range, as it takes its first major step into the Internet of Things.

The range consists of bulbs, LED panels and cabinet doors that can be controlled using a remote or app. Sensors are an optional extra, allowing the lights to switch on and off automatically when someone enters or leaves a room.

IKEA smart lights

As well as turning the lights off and on, users can select their optimal brightness and warmth, and using the app, create presets for different times of day.

The LED lights are controllable through Ikea’s TRÅDFRI app, via a smartphone, and the line will include bulbs, a motion sensor, a remote control along with other gadgets to create scenes and moods as you would with other major smart lights brands. Colors aren’t an option yet—these bulbs are just white.

Trådfri is designed to be plug-and-play, so the bulbs can be used in any lamp with standard socket sizes.

In addition to the bulbs, the release includes the Surte and Jormlien light doors, and the Floalt LED panels – all designed for rooms that lack natural daylight.

Trådfri is the second release to come out of the IKEA Home Smart programme after its wireless phone charging products, and the first to allow users to make use of the Internet of Things to remotely control or automate their household appliances.

IKEA has also started to incorporated induction-charging stations into products from its latest collection, which will allow users to wirelessly charge their smartphones.

Lamps, bedside tables and desks in IKEA’s new collection each have an integrated pad that can charge portable electronic devices simply by placing them on top.

Ikea wireless charging furniture


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