‘Human Fit’ – Samsung Smart CLOTHING

Electronic textiles or e-textiles are fabrics that enable digital components such as a battery and a light, and electronics to be embedded in them. “Smart textiles” are fabrics that have been developed with new technologies that provide added value to the wearer.

The Samsung’s Human Fit introduces fashion garments and accessories on top of smartphone applications and information technology accessories under the concept of “adding technology to style.”

Samsung designed a smart business suit that can exchange digital business cardsunlock phones and interact with other devices.

Samsung C&T’s smart business suit that can exchange digital business cards, unlock phones and interact with other devices.

Samsung has figured out how to work these little sensors into workout attire, mens suits and even buttons, to keep up with the growing demand of fitness tracking accessories.

The clothing look as normal as any UnderArmor or Nike workout gear you’d buy at a store.

On top of fitness tracking, Samsung developed a solar powered purse called the “Sol Bag.” This bag was actually charging a battery as the press took pictures of the product. The purse didn’t look like any other purse on the market, probably because the Sol Bag has solar panels on the front of it.

‘The humanfit’ – four wearables which integrate fashion design and technology in form of clothing and accessories: ‘Smart Suit’, ‘On Bag’, ‘Body Compass’ and ‘Perfect Wallet’.

Samsung says all of this clothing is not for sale quite yet because its still trying to perfect the technology.

All of the movement sensors and clothing would work along with a downloaded app to your phone, via the Google Play store, a Samsung spokesperson said.

Its exclusive mobile app works as a platform application and features various useful functions, depending on the user’s customized settings; it could automatically connect to the proper mode (office mode, business meeting mode or driving mode), open up the user’s designated app or transmit the user’s e-business card to the other’s smartphone. ‘Smart Suit 4.0’ will be available in the South Korean market from this Fall/Winter season. 

‘On Bag’ is an IT-infused purse with a built-in battery module. Through an exclusive mobile application, the user could charge a smartphone without a cable, check battery remains and use the find-my-phone function.
The battery module of ‘On Bag’ will be also applied to the Fall/Winter collection of ‘RAVENOVA’, Samsung C&T’s recently launched women’s accessories brand. Its functions will be further updated and applied to various accessories items.
‘Body Compass’ is bio-smart shirts that Samsung C&T and Samsung Electronics are collaborating in conducting a long-term advance development and research.
‘Body Compass’ is equipped with ECG (electrocardiogram) and EMG (electromyogram) sensors which track the user’s heart rate and respiration and thus suggest customized exercises in consideration of the user’s health status. Its comfortable fit and durability are substantially enhanced as it’s made of fabric sensors and elastic conductive fibers.
‘Perfect Wallet’ is an accessories line of MVIO, a menswear brand of Samsung C&T. Its wallets and card cases are equipped with a NFC tag which allows the user to utilize various NFC functions through a mobile application. ‘Perfect Wallet’ will be soon released in the South Korean market, starting from this Fall/Winter season.
“Wearable technology has emerged as a key topic of recent IT trade shows as the potential of the worldwide wearables market is rapidly growing”, said a representative of Samsung C&T. “Most of wearables are usually in form of electronic devices, but Samsung C&T presents differentiated wearables in form of fashion items, taking advantage of its experience in the fashion industry.”