‘Hyperstealth – invisibility cloak’- Makes objects invisible.

Canadian camouflage company Hyperstealth Biotechnology has patented the technology behind a material that bends light to make people and objects near invisible to the naked eye.

As well as making objects close to invisible to the naked eye, the material also conceals them from infrared and ultraviolet imagers.

Quantum Stealth makes things invisible through a lenticular lens – a corrugated sheet in which each ridge is made up of a convex lens. 

Quantum Stealth is a patent-pending material that can make a human or an entire building completely invisible by bending light waves around whatever it is you want to hide. The material removes not only your visual, infrared (night vision) and thermal signatures but also most of the target’s shadow.

No cameras and no projectors are used.

non-powered adaptive camouflage that portrays what is behind the user in-front of the user bending the light around the target.