HYPERVSN’s holographic – Informational Signage

HYPERVSN is offering a holographic doctor that educates employees and customers about approved public safety measures.Package: Solo or Wall of 6 or 8 devices, Cloud Pro software, custom holographic doctor content, speakers and mounting accessories. Additionally, SDK integration with a sensor and or chatbot (voice recognition).
Application: Hospitals, pharmacies and other medical institutions, retail chain stores, supermarkets, transportation hubs, etc.

HYPERVSN offers a highly effective, easy-to-use system that can display 3D content as holographic visuals that appear to be floating in mid-air. Attract attention, educate the public and save lives!

Informational Signage

To keep fighting against COVID-19 after lockdown, educate your employees and clients about global safety measures in 3D!Package: Solo, Cloud Pro software, free COVID-19 content featuring public safety recommendations by the WHO (including social distancing, washing hands and avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth) and mounting accessories.
Application: Medical institutions, offices, shops, food services, reception areas, transport hubs, etc.

Digital promoters

Holographic promoters do not need to wear face masks or maintain social distance. They provide human-like interactions while keeping customers safe and engaged. Use this effective new-age solution to promote your products today.Package: Solo or Wall of 6 or 8 devices, Cloud Pro software, custom human holographic content, speakers, SDK integration with a sensor and or a chatbot (voice recognition) and mounting accessories.
Application: Retail chain stores, supermarkets, food services, etc.