‘IceWind’ – Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Solutions

IceWind is the premier manufacturer of compact vertical axis wind turbines for residential and commercial use. Utilizing durable materials for extremely long lifespans without maintenance and a combination of blades to provide low start-up speeds, lift, and constant power generation, IceWind’s turbines serve as a reliable renewable power solution in any environment.

  • Innovative blade design – Features two sets of blades (one inner and one outer), providing low start-up speeds, lift for greater power output, and self-speed regulation
  • Longevity – Engineered to last and generate consistent power for over 25 years, with negligible operation and maintenance cost alongside de-icing and hydrophobic coatings
  • Power in any condition – Begins rotating and generating power at only 4.5 miles per hour wind speeds, and can continue spinning and generating power up to hurricane wind conditions (140+ mile per hour speeds)
  • Sustainability – Manufactured through sustainable methods and serves to reduce carbon emissions and reduce overreliance on fossil fuels
  • Aesthetic – Built to pair the realms of artistic design and engineering beautifully


The Njord is built for primary industrial power generation and as a power supplementation solution, reducing operational costs and increasing power reliability. The Njord is built durable and resistant to system failures, meaning blackouts are never an issue.


The Freya is built as a sustainable energy solution. These site installed, durable, reliable turbines increase owners’ energy independence on or off-grid while providing power at low wind speeds with minimal maintenance.